Innovative IT consulting

improvIT has always been ahead of technology and market developments and succeeds to bridge information technology with business, producing high-impact, tangible results.

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Skills & Expertise

Our people accumulate substantial experience in insurance technology making improvIT a leader in the field and a reliable, trusted partner for any initiative.

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International presence

improvIT has established its status as an international consulting services provider, having successfully delivered large-scale, challenging projects in several countries.

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Why Choose Us

We focus on delivering services that make a difference. No matter how well a solution is designed from a technology standpoint, it has to prove its value when applied to day-to-day business.

For that reason, we design and deliver solutions that are not only of the highest technological standards but are also enablers of business transformation and improvement.

Being able to understand both worlds enables us to communicate with people with and without IT skills efficiently.

Team spirit creation is a significant concern for us in any project, and we try to embrace great ideas which emerge across all functional areas and levels. At the same time, we keep expectations in line with technological capabilities or limitations.

We are always result-oriented, and this is a significant drive for maintaining our agile mindset. In a dynamic environment like insurance, change is constant.

We embrace change and redirect our eforts towards the right direction whenever needed. improvIT will always align with your needs and goals no matter how often they are adjusted.

Core Services

  • Systems Implementation
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Service Delivery and Outsourcing
  • Project Management
  • IT Strategy and Architecture

Latest Blog Posts

Our blog is where you can find our perspective on insurance technology trends and topics. We welcome your comments and opinions.

Business / Insurance / Technology

IFRS 17: How to approach the technology challenges

A new standard

As of April 2017, IFRS 17 for insurance contracts is final and official. It sets new standards for financial reporting bringing homogenization and comparability across the insurance market. It will be active from January 2021. In this post, we propose architectural approaches regarding data management requirements focusing on the financial management systems of insurers.

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