Our focus is on bridging the GAP between the business and IT for Insurers.

Across all business lines (P&C, Health, Life) From full core insurance system implementation to peripheral systems such as CRM solutions, customer service platforms, reporting and analytics solutions, and more.


Although we are vertical on insurance, we are cross-technology oriented.

We utilize all major technology stacks to deliver insurance technology architectures and solutions, optimizing implementation, and running costs.


Reliability on delivery, reliability on quality, on supporting you on all aspects of your IT needs.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements, concerns, and challenges. We strive to provide the best possible collaboration experience in order to deliver sustainable services inside long-lasting, win-win partnerships.

Our exposure to Insurance Information Technology extends from high-level strategy initiatives to the most detailed tasks. We can facilitate decision making as well as provide deliverables, consistently in line with business goals.

Our approach depends on the nature of the assignment and the customer's processes and culture. We apply various industry standards and methodologies for architecture, project management, applications development, testing etc., as well as more holistic disciplines like Design Thinking.

Tactical Layer
Operational Layer


Strategic Layer

Decisions at boardroom level regarding technology are hard to make. We fully recognize that executives are concerned about the business impact of such decisions.

We are in a unique position to advise and provide guidance due to our broad view of Insurance technology trends as well as the capacity and skills to deliver real-world solutions.

Today, Insurance is a fast-paced business. Responding quickly to challenges that arise depends heavily on the agility of technological solutions.

Having a well-designed architecture employing the right systems for the right task along with the right mentality and skillset of the people involved is imperative.

We can assist the creation or improvement of the right solutions architecture which will improve responsiveness and value delivery.

Transactional efficiency is necessary to have happy customers and employees. A well-designed solution can often tackle inefficiencies which are impairing the organization's ability to deliver quality services.

We always design and deliver solutions having in mind their business purpose; Quotations, Issuance, Claims, Collections and other processes are in our focal point, and we continuously try to improve business-related KPIs through the creation of sophisticated yet simple to use solutions.

Systems Implementations & Development

We provide superior design and implementation services for packaged solutions as well as custom systems. We can undertake full-scope core systems implementations to more specific departmental solutions like advanced underwriting modules, insurance subledgers, reinsurance management, collections, claims management etc.

Our deep and extensive knowledge of insurance business processes is key to delivering high value and functionality front-end applications like portals and mobile apps, using modern user interfaces. We can also provide the middle layer components necessary to link these applications to back-end systems, helping insurers take advantage of existing functionality of core systems.

Business Analysis

Experienced analysts with participations in several full-cycle projects can help insurance companies tackle the most challenging business problems by suggesting the most suitable solutions.

No solution can be created in business or technical vacuum. Outstanding knowledge of both domains is our key differentiator. We become a catalyst, helping Business and IT teams communicate and collaborate efficiently.

IT Service Delivery and Outsourcing

Our expert developers and analysts can assist Insurance IT departments challenged with capacity or skills issues. Based on our domain expertise coupled with technical capabilities, we can quickly assume responsibilities and become effective in a very short time in any environment.

Project Management

Our long involvement in various insurance IT projects in several countries has gained us substantial experience. While managing or participating in projects, we are continually maintaining our focus on the particularities of the insurance industry minimizing unpredicted work and ensuring that the solution being developed is fit for purpose.

IT Strategy and Architecture

We help insurers interpret their business plans to technology roadmaps, initiatives and projects. We can provide guidance, perform assessments and lead quality assurance processes. Developing the right architecture also helps insurers avoid common pitfalls, rework and cost. Ultimately, the purpose of architecture is to maintain agility at the most critical level; Business.