improvIT was founded in 2009 when experienced insurance IT consultants partnered, with the vision to create a premier services company which will comprise the first choice in IT consulting for Insurers.

Since then, improvIT has grown significantly. Many successful projects have been delivered to Insurers throughout Europe improving their operations and contributing to their growth.

Our focus

improvIT has been focusing on customer needs, taking into account global trends in the insurance market covering the entire spectrum of the insurance companies’ operations like Policy management, Claims management, Commissions, Re-insurance, Accounting of Insurance and more.

At the same time, technology trends are being regularly examined and evaluated regarding their ability to provide value to insurers.

Sustainability of Quality

improvIT maintains high standards both in the way it conducts business and its working environment, being able to produce high-quality deliverables while attracting and retaining extremely talented consultants.

Our people

Ranging from experts with 20+ years of experience to young, talented software developers and analysts, improvIT maintains a diverse but aligned and extremely competent workforce. Continuous people advancement and development is being achieved through formal and informal training, project exposure but above all by our people's mindset for constant self-improvement.